True Circle Of Excellence
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True Circle Of Excellence

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About Our Organization

Clifford Houston, our founder, has about 25 years of experience in business coaching and 10 in life coaching. With a background in both fields, he founded an organization that he knew would work wonders on the lives of those who would be interested in joining. 

True enough, he has been sparking a change in the lives of others since he opened the doors of True Circle Of Excellence to clients in 2008. He was able to form a group of professionals who, albeit their differences, have come together with one goal in mind: to help each other succeed in their respective fields. 

Today, the organization is stronger than ever. The circle never stops looking where a member excels in, particularly in virtue, to help each of them develop their full potential. From Atlanta, Georgia, our doors are now open to professionals nationwide. 

Mission Statement 

Our mission is to maintain a community circle that never stops looking where a person excels, particularly in virtue.